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4th Composing Tourney of FRME - 2018

The Royal Moroccan Chess Federation (FRME) organizes the 4th Composing Tourney in four 6 sections:
Twomovers (#2) Judge: Mark Basisty (Ukraine)
Send to tournament director: Twomovers to Youness Ben Jelloun №6 Rue 9 hay salam ain kadous Ville FES Postale code 30000 Marocco
Threemovers (#3) Judge: Elmar Abdullayev ( Azerbaijan) 
Moremovers (#N) Judge: Oto Mihalčo (Slovakia)
Studies (+;=) Judge: Mario Guido García (Argentina)
Selfmates (S#) Judge: Miodrag Mladenovic (Serbia) 

Send to tournament director: Threemovers, Moremovers, Studies and Selfmates to Vidadi Zamanov, Vidadi Street, 4/6, Goychay, Azerbaijan.
Helpmates (h#2) Judge: Francesco Simoni (Italy)
Helpmates (H#3 and H#N) Judge: Valery Kirillov (Russia)
Send to tournament director: H#2, H#3 and H#N to Jamal M Elbaz, Résidence Imane, Bloc B immeuble D appt 13. Avenue Tarik ibno Ziad Temara Morocco.
Prizes, honourable mentions and commendations will be awarded.
Send problems and studies in format PDF.
Closing date: 30. 09. 2018. The award – 2018

sâmbătă, 28 octombrie 2017

International anonymous chess composing jubilee tournament Czechoslovakia 100

Sections: a) Mate in 2 moves b) Helpmate in 2 moves c) Symbolic composition without any limitation of stipulation and conditions, which in any way evokes the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic → seePDF announcement
Closing date: 30.06.2018 | Announcement of results: 28. 10. 2018 – 100th anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia.

marți, 3 octombrie 2017

The Viceking

The A.P.I. organizes a formal thematic tourney in 2-4 moves with the piece called Viceking (see above the description). Originals can be of any type (direct, helpmate, selfmate, helpselfmate, series etc. Are not allowed other types of fairy conditions and pieces). No zeropositions.
Director of tourney: Valerio AGOSTINI    [] 
Judge: Antonio GAROFALO
Deadline: 31.12.2017
Originals must be sent within deadline to Director only by e-mail. The problems awarded will be published on Sinfonie Scacchistiche, which will be sent to every participant.

              The Viceking 
The Viceking is a piece of fairy chess, born from the ashes of a Pawn promoted in the square “e8” if White or in the square “e1” if Black. It is a consequence of the most general rule of the Viceking’s chess: the Pawn must obligatorily be promoted in the piece that occupied such square to the beginning of the game. Then, independently from the run completed by the Pawn (linear, diagonal or zig-zag,) if a White Pawn reaches the square “a8” can become only a Rook; if reaches the square “b8” can become only a Kinght, etc. Then, if reaches the square “e8” can become only a Viceking; the same happens to the Black in first rank, of course. The new piece Viceking has the same movements of the King, except the castle. It doesn’t obligatorily have to defend or to be defended by a threat of capture (can be left in taking). If captured the game is not ended but can to continue. The Viceking can give the checkmate to adversary King. The grafic representation is a King without crown, like a figurines of White/Black Viceking above. The symbol of the Viceking is V in Italian, English, Spanish, French and German; B in Russian.

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"Gheorghe Ristea - 75" Anniversary Tourney 2017

  H#2  - informal tourney, the theme of the tourney is presented in the example below, duplex is allowed,  fairy pieces and conditions are not allowed, unlimited entries per composer.  Judge: .....  Closing date:  June  30, 2018. Entries to Dan-Constantin Gurgui via e-mail:   Award will be published on the “e4 e5” magazine. All participants will receive the award by e-mail.  



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TT of the "Seven chess notes" magazine 2018

The magazine "Seven chess notes" announces a thematic composing tourney for miniatures.
Stipulation: exactly h#3 or h#4.
Theme: key and mating moves are executed by different pieces on the same square. At least two solutions are required.
Judge: Valery Barsukov
Send entries to the editor of "SCN" Valery Ivanov -
Closing date: June 1, 2018


20 TT “Problemist Ukrajiny” (The Problemist of Ukraine) – 2017
«Problemist of Ukraine» announces a tourney in three sections for miniatures presenting the below themes.
Original problems are to be sent before 10.11.2017, to Mykola Chernyavskyy:
In each of the sections, the winner will then propose a theme for the next tourney and judge it.
Please abide by this requirement. Results will be published in the journal "Problemist
Ukrajiny” and at WEB-site grandmaster V. Kopyl:
We will also be thankful for sending us published problems presenting the themes.
We wish you success in your creative work!

sâmbătă, 16 septembrie 2017

6th FIDE World Cup in Composing 2018 (Closing date: 1.2.2018)

The International Chess Federation (FIDE), within the framework of its “Chess Composition” special project, is organising the 6th FIDE World Cup in Composing for 2018 in eight sections.
The tournament is coordinated with the WFCC Presidium and is a part of the joint efforts by FIDE and WFCC for the popularization and development of chess composition worldwide.
A. Twomovers – Judge: Paz Einat (Israel)
B. Threemovers – Judge: Zoran Gavrilovski (Macedonia)
C. Moremovers in 4 to 15 moves – Judge: Mark Erenburg (Israel)
D. Endgame studies – Judge: Harold van der Heijden (Netherlands)
E. Helpmates in 3 moves – Judge: Christopher Jones (Great Britain)
F. Selfmates in 3 to 5 moves – Judge: Petko Petkov (Bulgaria)
G. Fairies (help-selfmates in 3 to 5 moves) – Judge: Vlaicu Crisan (Romania)
H. Retros and Proofgames – Judge: Hans Gruber (Germany)
In each section, only one composition by each author is acceptable and joint compositions are not allowed.
The theme is free in all sections. In the fairies section (help-selfmates in 3 to 5) fairy pieces and conditions are not allowed. Only computer-tested problems by one of the Alybadix, Popeye or WinChloe programs are allowed; the participants should state with which software they tested their composition.
The director of the tournament is Alexander Bulavka (Belarus).
Entries must be sent in diagrams with complete solution and any comments by email only to the director’s address:
Participants should mention their postal address in the email.
The closing date is February 1st, 2018.
The director will send all compositions to the judges on uniform and anonymous diagrams by February 15th, 2018. All judges should prepare their awards by May 15th, 2018. The results will be published on the Internet by June 1st, 2018 and they will be announced final after two months allowed for claims of anticipation and unsoundness.
In each section medals for 1st-3rd places, prizes, honourable mentions and commendations will be awarded, as well as certificates for the prizes signed by the President of the FIDE.

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"e4 e5" Composing Tourneys 2018

The "e4 e5" magazine announces the following  two international composing  tourneys  in  2018:

     A.  "e4 e5" - 10 Years  Jubilee Tourney 2017  Fairies
H#2 – informal tourney, free theme, only the Princess fairy pieces are allowed.
Zero-positions and other  fairy pieces and/or conditions are not allowed.
Judge: Anatoly Karamanits (Ukraine). Unlimited entries.
Closing date: June 30, 2018.
     B.   ”Gheorghe Nicolaescu - 65”  Anniversary  Tourney  2018 
Endgame  studies – informal tourney, free theme.
Judge: Sergey Osintsev (Russian Federation).   Send your compositions
before December 25, 2018  to
The compositions will be published in the "e4 e5" magazine.
Maximum number of entries per composer: 5.
Please reprint!

sâmbătă, 2 septembrie 2017

"György Bakcsi - 85" Jubilee Tourney 2018

On the occasion of the 85th anniversary of the birth of the International chess-problem composer
Grandmaster György BAKCSI a tourney will be held in the following classes:
I.: Helpmates in 4-6 moves.  Theme: Only two solutions allowed, in one black castles,  in the other one no.
 Judge: János CSÁK.
II.: Helpmates in 4-6 moves. Free theme.
Judge: József PÁSZTOR
Computer-controlled entries, with diagram, full solution and name(s) and address(es) of author(s),
should be sent to the organizer: Béla MAJOROS .
Deadline for entries:  April 6, 2018. 

joi, 24 august 2017

"Problemist of Ukraine" 2017

#2: Василь Марковцій, вул. Комарова 58, Ільниця, Закарпатська обл., 90130, Україна E-mail: Суддя 2017: Микола Чернявський, Україна
#3: Василь Крижанівський , вул. Павлова, 7, Червона Слобода, Черкаська обл., 19604, Україна E-mail: Суддя 2017: Валерий Шавырин, Росія
#n: Михайло Марандюк, вул. Героїв Майдану, 25, кв.23, Новоселиця, Чернівецька обл., 60300, Україна E-mail: Суддя 2017: Анатолій Караманіц, Україна
+/-: Эдуард Эйлазян, ул. П.Поповича д.33а, кв. 105, г. Донецк, 83056, Україна E-mail: Суддя 2017-2018: Сергей Осинцев, Росія
 H#: Олександр Дашковський, бул.Шевченко, 396/29, кв.8, Черкаси, 18005, Україна E-mail: Суддя 2017: Виталий Мединцев, Росія
S#: Іван Сорока, вул.Кошиця, 4, кв.141, Львів, 79058, Україна E-mail: Суддя 2017: Диян Костадинов , Болгарія
Fairy: Анатолій Караманіц, пр. Героїв, 32, кв.72, Дніпро, 49106, Україна E-mail: Суддя 2017: Дмитрий Туревский, Росія

joi, 10 august 2017

3rd Tourney FRME 2017

The Royal Moroccan Chess Federation (FRME) organizes the 3rd Composing Tourney in four sections:
- Twomovers (#2) Judge: Valerio Agoustini (Italy)
Send your twomovers to Younes Benjelloun, N6 rue 9 hay salam ainkadous fes
- Threemovers (#3) Judge: Aleksandr Sygurov (Russia)                                                               
- Moremovers (#N) Judge: Valery Kirillov (Russia)                                                                           
Send your threemovers and/or moremovers to Vidadi Zamanov, Vidadi Street, 4/6, Goychay AZ 2300, Azerbaijan.
- Helpmates in two (h#2) Judge: Vasil Krizhanivskyi (Ukraine)
Send your h#2 problems to Jamal M Elbaz, Résidence Alhanae villa n°7 Guich Loudaya 10160 Temara Morocco.
The deadline for receiving problems is September 30, 2017


a) informal tourneys (closing date 1.12.2017) for: #2 – Pavel Murashev; #3-n – Boško Milošeski; s#2-n – Peter Sickinger; h#2 – Jorge Kapros & Jorge Lois; h#2½-3 – Christopher Jones; h#3½-n – Hans Gruber; fairies – Eric Huber & Vlaicu Crişan; retros – Thomas Brand.  
b) “The Macedonian Problemist” League (a formal tourney, free themes, closing date 15.10.2017) in four sections: #2 – Karol Mlynka; #3 – Henk le Grand; s#3-8 – Jiří Jelinek; h#2 – Živko Janevski (a reserve judge for any section – Hans Gruber). The tourney brochure with the awards and the total ladder will be published in 2017 and all participants will receive the preliminary awards by e-mail.  
Free subscription prizes are stipulated for the best composers. Entries for any of the above tourneys should be sent to the editor’s e-mail address  or  to  his  snail  mail  address:  Zoran Gavrilovski, P. fah 137, Pošta 2, Skopje MK-1001, Macedonia.

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Provisional award - "e4 e5" 10 Years JT 2017 #2

I'm waiting  for you  for over 10 years at the “e4 e5” 20 Years 2027 #2!  The magazine continues  to appear due  to you. 

vineri, 21 iulie 2017

MOSCU – 2017

Judges :

Mate in Two  (# 2) – Paul Murashev, E-mail: 

Mate in Three  (# 3) – Igor Agapov, E-mail: 

Moremoves (# N) – Yakov Vladimirov, E-mail: 

Helpmate – Victor Zaitsev, E-mail:

Selfmate – Gennady Kozyura, E-mail:

Feericos – Alexander Pin, E-mail:

Studies – Sergey Osintsev, E-mail: 

The maximum number of pieces – 15 for problems,  and  for studies – 10. 

Send the compositions to the judges and a copy to the director of the competition Andrei Petrov,

Closing date: – 15 September 2017.

5th Azemmour - Dresden 2017

    Definition of the Skewer Theme:  in a helpmate in two or more moves with two or more solutions, one black piece A moves on all the first black moves and one white piece B moves on all the first white moves. Another black piece C makes all the second black moves and another white piece D makes all the second white moves. The black pieces (A, C, ...) and the white pieces (B, D, ...) must be of a different kind. Stipulation : h2-n# Judge : Abdelaziz Onkoud Please send your problems to : Deadline : 9 August 2017. The tourney is open to everyone. Prizes : dates and souvenirs.

marți, 4 iulie 2017


 1. Memorial “Pavel Babich-110  & ”Bronislav Olimpiev – 80” Studies. Judge Sergey Osintsev. Send to
2. Memorial  “Vladimir Zheltonozhko – 75”.  Mat in 3 moves. Judge Igor Agapov. Send to e-mail:  Multihook. Judge Valery Kirillov. - Back mats. Judge Valery Kirillov. Send to:
3. Memorial competition “Alexander Kozlov-120”.  Mat in 2 moves. Judge Vyacheslav Pilchenko.-Send to mail:  
4. Jubilee competition “Felix Rossomaho-80”.  Mat in 3 moves. Judge Felix Rossomaho.-Send to mail address of Sergey Osintsev
Deadline for submission to all competitions-August 14, 2017.

sâmbătă, 1 iulie 2017

José A. Coello-75 Jubilee (#2) & Jordi Breu-90 Jubilee (h#2)

José Antonio Coello-75 Jubilee (#2)
Chess problem composition tourney of directmates in two moves of free theme. Originals must be sent before August 31, 2017. The director of the tourney is Imanol Zurutuza and the judge is José Antonio Coello. Originals should be sent to the email address and will be published in the bulletin Problemas.
Jordi Breu-90 Jubilee (h#2)
Chess problem composition tourney of helpmates in two moves of free theme. Originals must be sent before August 31, 2017. The director of the tourney is Imanol Zurutuza and the judge is Abdelaziz Onkoud. Originals should be sent to the email address and will be published in the bulletin Problemas.

duminică, 28 mai 2017

''Gravure'' 2017

    We are pleased to announce the tourney: «Gravure-2017». 
The goals are: 
- popularization of problems with 8-10 pieces
- popularization of following components of solution: difficulty, depth, beauty. Sections of the tourney: #2, #3, #4-12, Studies, H#1½-2, 2½-3, 3½-6, S#3-12, HS#2-4 (fairy pieces and conditions are not allowed). Each composer can send no more than three compositions in every section (including joint).  Chief Judge is Igor Agapov (Russia). The last date for sending the compositions is July 01, 2017 via e-mail:
     Recommendations for the preparation of compositions (important): 
- send problems and studies in format DOC (not PGN, not PDF); 
- use the notation KQRBS or the chess font «Ches» for writing solutions; - use the chess font «Good Companions» for drawing diagrams; 
     For working with said fonts it is comfortable to use the program Olive.

joi, 25 mai 2017

Jubilee tourneys:

 Islam Kazimov – 65 JT, 2017 (#2, #3)  The Azerbaijan Chess Composition Commission announces an International Composing  “Islam Kazimov – 65”' jubilee tournament for twomovers and threemovers (free theme).  Judge: #2, #3 - Araz Almammadov (Azerbaijan). 
Send to tournament director: Vidadi Zamanov (Azerbaijan) 
Closing date: 31. 05. 2017. The award – 2017. 

Suleyman Abdullayev – 50 JT, 2017 (#2 - Miniature) 
The Azerbaijan Chess Composition Commission announces an International Composing 
Suleyman Abdullayev – 50”' jubilee tournament for miniature twomovers (free theme). 
#2 - Judge: Suleyman Abdullayev (Azerbaijan) . Send to tournament director: Elmar Abdullayev (Azerbaijan) 
Closing date: 31. 05. 2017. The award - 2017. 

 Agshin Masimov - 55 JT, 2017 (Studies)  The Azerbaijan Chess Composition Commission announces an International Composing  “Agshin Masimov - 55”' jubilee tournament for studies (free theme).  Prize: 1st prize- book Ilham Aliev “My Chess Creative Work”. Books for local composers. 
Judge: Agshin Masimov (Azerbaijan). Send (please PGN) to tournament director: Elmar Abdullayev (Azerbaijan)  Closing date: 31. 05. 2017. The award - 2017. 

 Samir Badalov - 55 MT, 2017 (Studies)  (13.02.1962- 25.08.2011) 
The Azerbaijan Chess Composition Commission announces an International Composing “Samir Badalov-55 MT”' memorial tournament for studies (free theme). 
Prize: 100$ (50$, 30$, 20$).  Judge: Muradkhan Muradov (Azerbaijan). 
Send (please PGN) to tournament director: Elmar Abdullayev (Azerbaijan) 
Closing date: 31. 05. 2017. The award – 2017. 

Concurs Jubiliar  "Aleksey Ivunin - 70"
Secțiuni: h # 1,5-2; h # 2,5-3; h # 3,5-4; h # 4,5-n. Soluție completă și comentarii trimise la adresa de e-mail . Termenul de trimitere - cel târziu la 1 iulie 2017.

Jurgen Stigter-64 Jubilee Tourney
To celebrate the special 64th chess birthday of Jurgen Stigter, the famous chess book collector and former president of ARVES, a composing tourney for endgame studies is announced. 
Theme: free Maximum 2 entries per composer are allowed. Closing date: August 13, 2017
The provisional award will be published in "EG" early 2018.  Three money prizes in powers of 2, courtesy the jubilant, will be awarded: First prize:  512 Euros; Second Prize:  256 Euros; Third prize: 128 Euros and special prizes of 64 Euros. Honourable mentions and commendations will be awarded as well.  Judge: Yochanan Afek Tourney director: Luc Palmans.   Send your original entries only in a PGN format by e-mail to:  not later than August 13th 2017. 

duminică, 21 mai 2017

Andrey Selivanov - 50 JT

The Russian Chess Federation and the magazine “Chess composition” are announcing the chess composition competition dedicated to the semicentenary jubilee of Andrey Selivanov, the Vice-President of the Russian Chess Federation, in six sections:
- Twomovers (#2);
- Threemovers (#3);
- Moremovers (#4-7);
- Studies (+-; =);
- Helpmate problems (h#3-7);
- Selfmate problems (s#3-7).
The judge of all the sections is the anniversary celebrant. The prizes ascertained are books, certificates of recognition and honourable mentions. The original medals and diplomas are ascertained for the winners in all the sections. At-most-three compositions including joint are possible. Please send the compositions to Boris Shorokhov, the director of the competition, on the e-mail not later than July 9, 2017 (annotated “A. Selivanov is 50”) with home address.
Please send your compositions as DOC (not PGN).
The considerations of the compositions are the following (not compulsory): the type for diagrams is GoodCompanion, for notation – Ches or by the English transcription KQRBS. The results will be published on the web-site and edited in the separate brochure in December 2017.

sâmbătă, 6 mai 2017

Belgrade Internet Tourneys 2017 (#2, h#2, hs#Max 2.5)

Thematic Belgrade Internet Tourneys 2017 are announced in three groups:
#2. Judge: Marjan Kovačević;
h#2. Judge: Miodrag Mladenović;
hs#Max 2.5, 2 sol. Judges: participants of Belgrade Problem Chess Festival.
No more than one problem (single or joint) from the author in every group.
Closing date: May 23, 2017
 Download the full announcement with themes and examples(pdf, 483 KB)

miercuri, 19 aprilie 2017

"Valentin Lukyanov - 70" MT

The magazine "Problemist of Ukraine" announces the tourney in memoriam of Valentin Lukyanov
One section: #2. Theme is free.
Judge: Valery Shanshin
Send entries to the judge
Closing date: August 1, 2017

marți, 18 aprilie 2017

"Puiu Popescu - 70" JT 2017

#2  -  formal  composing tourney, free theme, fairy pieces and conditions are not allowed, maximum number of entries per compose: 5.  Judge: Emmanuel Manolas (Greece).  Closing date:  December  31, 2017Entries to Dan-Constantin Gurgui via e-mail:  All received problems will be presented to the judge in anonymous form.   Award will be published on the “e4 e5” magazine. All participants will receive the award by e-mail.

vineri, 3 martie 2017

"Jozef Taraba - 70" Memorial Tourney - 2017

Direct twomovers.
Theme: Taraba´s line combinations.
Judge: Karol Mlynka.
Director: Ján Golha, Lúky 1231/89, 952 01 Vráble, Slovakia, e-mail:
Deadline: November 26th, 2017.
 Taraba´s line combinations: The tries are refuted because a white unit has given up its
ambush position required for a compensatory line opening.
Examples from Udo Degener´s Albrecht collection:

"Mircea Pavlov - 80" Jubilee Tourney - 2017

The Romanian magazine "Șah" is organizing the free theme endgame contest "JT Mircea Pavlov 80", dedicated to its editor-in-chief, well-known player (IM) and honored trainer. The entries have to be sent at the Tournament Director Dinu-Ioan Nicula, e-mail: Deadline: 1st of June 2017. Judge: GM John Nunn (Great Britain). Prizes in chess literature.

marți, 24 ianuarie 2017

Mečislovas Rimkus – 75 2017


   The Lithuanian Chess Composers` Society announces a jubilee tourney Mečislovas Rimkus – 75. There are sections: #2, #3, #n, h#2, h#3, h#n. If there were a lot of miniatures – they will compete in another sections. The theme is free. Entries with diagrams must be sent by 1st of July, 2017, to Mečislovas RIMKUS, Pušyno g. 1-2, LT-71215 Kriūkai, Šakių rj., Lithuania or by   Write your post address.  The judge will be Mečislovas Rimkus. Prizes: Lithuanian books of chess composition. Every participant will receive a book by M. Rimkus. The award will be announced in Lithuanian site: on 24thof December, 2017 (birth day) and printed in „Šachmatija” N.4/2017.

duminică, 22 ianuarie 2017

Gligor Denkovski 70 - MT 2016

To commemorate the 70th birthday of Gligor Denkovski (20 August 1946 – 15 January 2015), a formal composing tourney is announced in three sections.
Section A: Orthodox proof games, showing a combination of at least one typical retro theme and at least one theme or motif traditionally seen in other problem genres. See examples. 
Judge: Kostas Prentos
Section B: Orthodox helpmate threemovers (h#2.5–3) with free theme.
Judge: Nikola Predrag
Section C: Orthodox selfmates (s#2–n) with free theme.
Judge: Miodrag Mladenovic
Closing date for all sections is 31 March 2017.
Entries should be sent to Ivan Denkovski, email:
The awards will be published in a special publication, which will be sent to all participants.
Prizes (books) are provided for the best entries.

joi, 19 ianuarie 2017

“Day of Chess” 2017

   The editors of the magazine Chorno-Bili Stezhyny (“The Black-and-White Paths”) announce a composing tourney for two-move and three-move miniatures “Day of Chess.” Originals are to be sent before 30.04.2017 to the email address of the tourney judge Mykola Cherniavsky:
   Free theme.

vineri, 6 ianuarie 2017

Marcel Tancau Memorial Tourney 2017 #2 & h#2

   Formal  composing tourney in two sections: a) free theme for section directmate #2 and b) form HotF for section helpmate h#2  (HotF = Helpmate of the Future, the composition has only (one or more) pairs of closely related variations).  Fairy pieces and conditions are not allowed.  Judge: Emmanuel Manolas.  Closing date:December  25, 2017 Entries to Dan-Constantin Gurgui  via e-mail:    All received problems will be presented to the judge in anonymous form.    Award will be published on the “e4 e5” magazine.   All participants will receive the award by e-mail.  Maximum number of entries per compose: 5

joi, 5 ianuarie 2017

Gara ASIGC 2017 per #2 & H#2

       (ASIGC) - Associazione Scacchistica Italiana Giocatori per Corrispondenza
12° Gara ASIGC 2017 per Diretti #2 – Giudice Marco Guida
14° Gara ASIGC 2017 per Aiutomatti H#2 – Giudice Int. Antonio Garofalo.
       I problemi inediti a tema libero, vengono pubblicati mensilmente, con la soluzione, nella Rubrica Problemi della Newsletter ASIGC curata da Vito Rallo. Tutti i partecipanti riceveranno via email la rubrica mensile e il verdetto finale, che possono anche liberamente scaricare dal sito ASIGC all’indirizzo:  Non viene, pertanto, inviata alcuna copia cartacea agli autori. Per entrambe le gare Inviare gli inediti, solo via email, al redattore entro il 30.10.2017 all’indirizzo:

marți, 3 ianuarie 2017

Composing Tourneys 2017

The "e4 e5" magazine announces the following two international
composing tourneys in 2017:
A. ”Gheorghe Ristea – 75” Jubilee Tourney 2017
#2 - formal tourney, free theme, closing date June 30th 2017 
Judge: Jorge Marcelo Kapros…
Maximum number of entries per composer: 5.
B. ”e4 e5” - 10 years Jubilee Tourney 2017
Endgame studies – informal tourney, free theme
Judge: Péter GYARMATI
Send your compositions before December 25th 2017 to
The compositions will be published in the "e4 e5" magazine.
Maximum number of entries per composer: 5.